Comments for Proton VPN Blog Free VPN News Tue, 14 Mar 2023 15:28:01 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on We are opening up our free VPN to the general public – now available for download! by Ashley Jones Wed, 16 Jun 2021 11:59:39 +0000 I’m a bit out of my element here… I’m one of those people who used their computer throughout much of their day, but isn’t much interested in the techie side of things beyond the basics. I have been researching VPNs to find a reputable one, as doing a broad search returns some sketchy results. My interest in utilizing a VPN is for public network security and working around the blockage of content from other countries. I’m in the U.S. part of the time, but mostly am in Europe (currently living in Germany), and travel frequently to other countries around the world with my husband and his job. I also do a lot of research and social media volunteering for some worldwide hearing loss and advocacy groups, and, in that instance, I come across content that I would like to share from various countries, but am blocked from doing so. In addition, when I’m blocked from viewing original programs rebroadcast online, that also means I’m blocked from any captioning — captions are imperative since I’m deaf — provided, as often the captioning isn’t available on the same content on a different website. Therefore, I need the capability to view the original rebroadcast online from stations around the world. In conclusion, I’m trying to find the best VPN for my needs described above, particularly one that will allow me to view content online from as many countries as possible. I’d love it if someone could make a recommendation.
Ashley Jones

Comment on Welcome our new VPN servers in Norway by Tor Dahle Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:35:42 +0000 NRK 1 recognized I was using a VPN so I could not access streaming. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

Comment on Proton VPN Free VPN Reviews (list updated 2021) by Hiccup Stanther Mon, 24 May 2021 17:21:46 +0000  When will I get official extensions for Google Chrome from Proton VPN ?

Comment on Guide to choosing the best VPN to download for your smart TV by Stiggu LePetit Sun, 23 May 2021 07:04:15 +0000 Hello there
It would be much appreciated if you could also bring ProtonVPN on webOS (LG Smart TV). Thanks!

Comment on Why you should use a VPN on your mobile device by RIZA SIRIN Fri, 21 May 2021 17:34:50 +0000 Do you plan to create an E-SIM application in future services?
I prefer not to use it nowadays because the current e-sim app prices are very high.
But It would be great if you, as proton group, offer such a service in a package at affordable prices for your subscribers.

Comment on How to get the best VPN speeds by Glory Fri, 21 May 2021 14:46:54 +0000 I am planning on purchasing a Proton VPN but I have some questions I need answered before buying. How many devices can I use a Proton VPN PLUS plan? I have 3 family iPhones, an iPad Pro and 2 laptops (Macs). Please help clarify what “10 VPN connections” mean. Is that the same as 10 devices connected?

Comment on Why you should set up a VPN on your router (and how to do it) by Jason Wed, 19 May 2021 20:20:23 +0000 InvizBox2 is almost a good solution, but it does not currently come with SecureCore capabilities. That is one of the top reasons I choose ProtonVPN. Until InvizBox2 uses SecureCore, its not a good “VPN Router” solution.

Comment on Is Tor safe? Learn how secure Tor is by Mark Wed, 19 May 2021 06:09:07 +0000 Hi!

I can connect to your VPN network. And then connect to the TOR network ??

I mean, use both methods at the same time.

For a more secure, private and anonymous connection?


Comment on What is a VPN? by Richard Ferrero Tue, 18 May 2021 21:08:13 +0000 Hello…
Many years ago I received an iPad and installed a VPN, which worked great until a few updates on the IOs stopped it for some reason. Loved the concept…
question1: I have security cameras. Most are P2P, which I view remotely from iPhone and iPad. Also, I have other cameras that are viewed through apps using port forwarding. Will the Proton VPN disrupt connections?
Question 2: I use TeamViewer to access four computer in either direction remotely from AZ and NY. Any foreseeable problems?
Thank you.

Comment on Why you should use a VPN on your mobile device by Sally Mrta Tue, 18 May 2021 17:04:50 +0000 Do I use Android or IOS for my Apple 10 cell phone? to get VPN?