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Fast, easy-to-use VPN for iPhone and iPad

Fast, easy-to-use VPN for iPhone and iPad

Protect yourself online and access content worldwide with the best VPN for iPhone and iPad:

Browse privately and securely

Bypass government censorship

No ads, online tracking, or speed limits

Protected by Swiss privacy laws

Download and install Proton VPN from the App Store, then log in with your Proton Account. If you don't have an account, sign up here for free.

Download Proton VPN for your device


iPhone / iPad







Android TV

How to use Proton VPN on iPhone and iPad


Log in

Open the Proton VPN app and log in with your Proton VPN username and password. If you use Proton Mail, you can access the Proton VPN Free plan by logging in with your Proton Mail username and password. To get a Proton VPN account, sign up here.


Quick Connect

Tap the Quick Connect button to automatically connect to the fastest VPN server for your location. Or choose to connect to any server that is available on your plan.

Use the following labels to select the right server for you:

— Plus plan servers

— P2P file sharing

— Access to the Tor network


Your internet is now private!

You can now browse the internet securely and privately. The data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted, meaning:

  • Your internet service provider cannot monitor your activity
  • Websites see the IP address of the VPN server you're using

You can check your IP address whenever you're connected to find your VPN server's address.

For step-by-step installation instructions, read our Proton VPN guide for iPhone and iPad.

Security made easy

Our iPhone and iPad apps offer advanced features carefully designed to improve your online security.

Secure Core VPN

Secure Core protects your connection by routing your traffic through multiple servers before it leaves our network, defending you against advanced, network-based attacks.
Our Secure Core servers use networks run by Proton. We've placed them in hardened data centers in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden, where they're protected by strong privacy laws.

Always-on VPN

A VPN kill switch ensures you cannot access the internet unprotected if you disconnect from the VPN server. Our always-on VPN seamlessly reconnects you.

NetShield Ad-blocker

NetShield speeds up your connection and protects you from malware. It filters out images, scripts, and other resources from domains known to host malware and can also block online trackers and ads. Available only with a Proton VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited plan.

Why choose Proton VPN for iPhone and iPad?

No-logs VPN

We do not keep any logs that can identify what you do online

DNS and IPv6 leak protection

Our iPhone and iPad apps will never accidentally expose your real IP address

iPhone and iPad widgets

Easily access Proton VPN from a Home Screen widget on your iPhone (with iOS 14+) or iPad (iPadOS 15+)

Open source

Anyone can review our apps' code and check they're secure

VPN Accelerator

Our unique VPN Accelerator technology can increase your VPN speed by up to 400%

Strong encryption

We only use secure VPN protocols and advanced encryption

Based in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the world's strongest data privacy laws

Secure streaming

Unblock popular streaming services and watch your favorite shows

your internet

Get Proton VPN
Get Proton VPN

The best VPN for iPhone and iPad

Proton VPN is brought to you by the team behind Proton Mail, the world's largest end-to-end encrypted email service. Millions of journalists, activists, and citizens worldwide rely on Proton VPN to stay safe.

Image: Nathan Law,
pro-democracy Hong Kong activist

Why Proton VPN for iOS?

Protect your privacy: We keep no logs of your activity online.

Stay secure online: We only use strong VPN protocols.

Bypass censorship: Use alternative routing and our Stealth protocol to access the truth.

Unblock global streaming: Stream your favorite TV wherever you travel (only available with a paid plan).

Transparent security: Our easy-to-use apps are open source and independently audited.

Proton VPN is a community-driven service with a mission to create a more free and open internet. Get Proton VPN for iPhone or iPad and join our community.

What our users say about us

Get an iOS VPN you can trust

Always-on VPN helps to keep you safe and reconnect seamlessly

NetShield Ad-blocker blocks malware, ads, and online trackers

Home Screen widget for easy connect and disconnect

Tor-enabled servers allow one-click access to the Tor network

Frequently asked questions

The Proton VPN app for iOS has been specifically engineered to be secure, fast, and easy to use. You can use Proton VPN to stream your favorite shows, share files over BitTorrent, access censored content, and protect your privacy.

Proton VPN is a community-supported VPN service, and our mission is to create an internet where privacy is the default. Founded by scientists who met at CERN and wanted to ensure everyone can protect their right to privacy, Proton VPN offers one of the only free VPN services with no data limits, no logs, and no privacy-invading ads.

Sign up for Proton VPN (if you don''t already have a Proton Account).

Install the Proton VPN app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Sign in to the Proton VPN app and touch the Quick Connect button at the bottom center of your screen. Proton VPN will automatically connect you to the fastest server depending on your location. It's as easy as that.

You can also manually select a particular country or a specialized server (for streaming, P2P, or Tor).

You can use the Proton VPN app to access content blocked by your internet service provider, government, workplace, or college. Simply connect to a VPN server in an area where that content is not censored to access it.

If you have a Proton VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited plan, you can also access popular streaming services (with a valid subscription) by connecting to a Plus server.

Proton VPN operates over 1,600 servers in more than 60 countries around the world, so there will always be a VPN server nearby to give you a secure, fast connection.

If you have a Proton VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited plan, you can access our large and expanding network of high-speed 10 Gbps Plus servers.

Tap the Quick Connect button in the iPhone or iPad app, and you'll automatically connect to the fastest server available for your location. You can also use the server load information shown next to each server's name to help you manually select the fastest server for your needs.

Download Proton VPN for your device


iPhone / iPad







Android TV

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